"Ridgelines & Skylines" Original

"Ridgelines & Skylines" Original

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“Ridgelines & Skylines” 

4’x2’ Oil on Canvas. Signed and varnished. 


This was a 50-hour project that I envisioned one night drifting to sleep. 

I was pondering on the juxtaposition between natural and industrial landscape. I like that as a country, we embrace both. When looking at this painting, I want people to remember that although we should be proud of our skylines (our progression, innovation, etc.), we need to remember what came first. Our land, our foundation. Mountains are a great example of that grandeur and its hierarchy.  


From the start of this piece a few months back to now, I see the finished painting in a whole new way. Like people, these cities are unique and diverse in their own beautiful ways. We love the landmarks, food, and traditions that connect us to our favorite US cities. Although different in their own regards, there is one thing that unites them: this land.